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Individualized Tutoring:

It happens in school and happens at work: lessons that leave you feeling bored while waiting for others to catch up, or sitting there totally lost because the Instructor isn't aware that someone doesn't understand something.


Aroostook Computer specializes in Individualized Tutoring and Tutorials. We focus our time and energy on helping you to learn what you want or need to learn. No need to waste your precious time on anything else!


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Group Tutoring:

A Group could be anywhere from two people to 1500 people. If two or more people want or need to learn the same thing, Aroostook Computer is ready to empower them and help them to succeed.

Our Staff includes experts who have years of experience successfully teaching groups of students to meet their expectations.

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Tutoring Locations:

The best place to learn computer skills is right in front of the computer you will be using. For many, this means learning in one's own home or office.  Group Tutorings can take place in large halls, classrooms, meeting rooms, or if the group is small enough, in a home or office belonging to one of the members of the group.

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Tutoring Topics:

  • Computer Concepts and Skills
  •   Parts of a Computer
  •   Computer Set up
  •   Internet Skills
  •   Internet Research
  •   Computer Communication
  •     E-mail skills
  •     Sending photos
  •     Computer Etiquette
  •     Web Logs (Blogs)
  •     Pod Casting
  •     Social Networking
  •   Downloading Music and Video files
  •   Online Services
  •     E-Bay, PayPal, You Tube, I-tunes, etc.
  •     Online Banking, Online Gaming
  •     Google Earth
  •     Facebook
  •     And others

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  • Hardware:
  •   Desktops, Towers and Laptops
  •   Monitors: CRT and LCD
  •   Printers: Inkjet, Laser
  •   Scanners, Copiers, FAX machines
  •   Digital Cameras, Still and Camcorders
  •   Digital Projectors
  •   Internet Access: Modems, Routers, DSL, Cable, Wireless
  •   I-Pods (Portable media players)
  •   Networks
  •   Servers

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  • Software
  •   Microsoft Office Suite
  •   Word Processing
  •   Accounting
  •   Audio / Visual
  •   Graphics Software
  •     Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
  •     Adobe Flash Animation
  •     Making Cards, Signs, Banners
  •   Open Source Software
  •   Computer Protection Software
  •     Anti-Virus
  •     Protection against Malicious Software (aka, Malware)
  •     Spyware Protection
  •   Accounting Software
  •   Tax Software
  •   Internet Browsers
  •   Voice Recognition Software
  •   Classroom Grading Software

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Tutoring Times:

Tutoring, whether individual or group, will be offered by appointment at mutually agreed times, generally between 10 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday, and Saturdays fro 10 am through 2 pm.  The length of each Tutoring session is usually kept to no more than two hours at a time unless breaks are scheduled for the participants.

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