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Troubleshooting, Diagnostics and Repair

Has your computer slowed down? Is something not working? If your computer is still under warranty, call the company that made your computer and arrange for them to fix it under the terms of your warranty. (After all, why pay for service if you don't need to?)

If you computer is no longer under warranty, don't despair. We will troubleshoot your computer, diagnose the problem and repair it at the lowest possible price. If it will cost more to fix than the computer is worth, we'll let you know that as well, before we start.

Types of Computers:

We troubleshoot, diagnose and repair all brands of computers,

and others, including:

We fix Desktop, Tower, Notebook and Laptop Computers

Types of Repairs Include:

  • System Check-up
  •   Clean out excess files
  •   Remove threats
  •   Windows Updates
  •   Hard Drive Defragmentation
  • Malware Removal
  •   Viruses
  •   Spyware
  •   Rogue Viruses
  •   Adware 
  • Install, Upgrade and Replace
  •   Hardware (Hard Drive, Optical Drive (CD/DVD/Blu-ray), Mother Board, RAM Memory, Video Cards, Sound Cards, etc)
  •   Software
  • Networking
  •   In home
  •   In Office
  •   Wireless


If we can not repair the problem, there is NO charge for our time.

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